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Department History

 •September 15, 1890 - The purchase of 20 buckets, ladders, & a truck was presented to the council for purchase at a grand total of $108. The council declined this purchase, because they felt it was too expensive of a purchase.

•February 16, 1891 - A 18 ft. and a 14 ft. ladder was purchased for $15.00, along with a dozen buckets. This was the only fire protection that Pleasantville had until 1896

•February 17, 1896 - Council approved the purchase of 3 chemical extinguishers for $10.00 each.

•September 15, 1900 - Council voted and approved the purchase of a fire alarm system to be mounted atop a telephone pole to be activated when a fire broke out.

•January 20, 1908 - C.H. Sutphen proposed a fire engine with hose and reel at a contract price of $375, but was denied.

•December 14, 1914 - Council expressed thanks to Basil, Baltimore, Thornville, & the fire chief of Columbus Fire Department for their help in the most disastrous fire of Pleasantville's history. A carpenter was then hired to construct the council building's lower room so that a fire engine could get in and out.

•March 8, 1915 - R.T. McNaughten was appointed fire chief of the soon to be organized Pleasantville Volunteer Fire Department.

•February 26, 1923 - A fire committee consisting of Broyles, Outcalt, & McNaughten was formulated to create the volunteer fire department.

•August 14, 1923 - Bid was accepted from Prospect Mfg. Co. for the construction of Pleasantville's first fire engine at a price of $2,800. Throughout that year, much misc. equipment was purchased and second chemical tank was added to the engine.

•February 14, 1924 - A chemical trailer was purchased for fire protection.

•January 12, 1925 - 6 pairs of boots, 6 slickers, & 6 rain hats were purchased.

•July 14, 1930 - Fire Chief Weldon became the first paid firefighter of Pleasantville at $25.00 a year, though the fire department still hadn't been officially created yet..

•August 27, 1938 - H. Sutphen proposed a new fire truck and the official Pleasantville Fire Department was born.

•December 23, 1940 - First contract with Pleasant & Walnut Townships for fire protection was signed at $150.00 per year for each township.
•January 13, 1944 - The Pleasantville Fire Department became the Pleasantville Fire Company, where the village contracted with the fire company for $500/year.

•December 11, 1950 - Firefighters of the department were paid $1.00/year.

•1953 - The Pleasantville Fire Department became the Pleasant & Walnut Townships Fire Department, which was governed by Pleasant Township. Walnut Township contracted with Pleasant Township for fire protection. Over the years, Thurston Fire Department and Millersport Fire Department began gaining Walnut Township, due to closer response.

•Mid 1990's - The Pleasant & Walnut Township's Fire Department changed the official name to the Pleasant Township Fire Department, but still contracted with Walnut Township for the protection of northern Pleasantville & 8 square miles of southeastern Walnut Township.

•1996 - Part-time staff was hired to increase response times. 3 firefighters were on duty, 7 days a week from 7:00 am - 5:00 pm. Throughout the years, the department has grown to having 3 firefighters on duty, 24/7.

•April 7, 2003 - The second station of the fire department opened for operation at the corner of Coonpath Rd. & SR 188.

•2004 - The Walnut Township Trustees granted Thurston - Walnut Township Fire Department the 8 square miles of the contracted jurisdiction, leaving the Pleasant Township Fire Department to only cover the northern section of Pleasantville in Walnut Township.

• September 3, 2007 - Pleasant Township Fire Department added three full time firefighters, and increased the station staffing to four firefighters per day on duty.

• April 1, 2008 - Pleasant Township Fire Departmnet was awarded the 2007 Staffing for Adequete Fire and Emergency Responce grant. This grant allowed Pleasant Township Fire Departmnet to add three more full time fire fighters. This brought their full time staffing to six full timers. There are two full time staff members every day and two part timers evey day seven days a week.

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